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Simsek LTD, which has been operating in its industry since 1994, is continuing to improve its design and production quality on a continuous basis. The Simsek LTD, a diligent reason for choice in design, production, sales and aftermarket, delivers its productions to customers in many countries, mainly in Turkey and Azerbaijan, with close to 30 years of tech and accumulation.

Simsek LTD – an important firm with a wide range of seasoned cadres including water tanks, caretaker cabin, children’s play parks, acrylic bathroom tub and boat, shower cubicles production, Prefabrik and Light steel structure construction, specialist team in the self production sector and technological machine course. Our company, which can provide the longest warranty periods in the industry with its knowledge and experience, is a pioneer not only in sales but also in aftermarket service, with technical infrastructure, expert staff and experienced employees. SELIKA is the solution partner of Simsek LTD in the bathroom and children’s parks site and ADAY GROUP companies in the construction of prefabricated and light steel.

Following all the developments and innovations occurring in its industry, sahib Simsek LTD, to research and development hardware to meet the aspirations and expectations of our customers, has a broad portfolio of products that track continuous development and new technologies, working with professional technical team in the field to enhance efficiency and quality. The key philosophy of our company, which has proven itself in many different kinds of structures with partner companies and has been with you from the design stage to the turnkey process, is to be environmentally conscious and respectful.